YOUR TONIC Berrymore

Flavoured non-alcoholic carbonated soft drink

1 L

Explosive tonic flavour from YOUR WATER – invigorating cranberry flavoured YOUR TONIC Berrymore. You will immerse yourself in bright rich freshness of wild berries with a subtle hint of bitterness.

A completely new range of tonics - YOUR TONIC - will fit the most sophisticated taste. You can add tonic to a cocktail or enjoy it neat.

YOUR TONIC artesian water-based carbonated soft drinks have not only a refreshing, but also a stimulating effect.

Tonic water YOUR TONIC


Natural water-based


Trendy bottle and attractive content


Explosive and bright


Invigorates, cheers up, saturates and refreshes


Treated artesian water from a well 266 m deep | Sugar | Acidity regulator - citric acid | Flavouring agents | Food concentrate (food colouring) “esaRed” (carrot juice concentrate, pomegranate juice concentrate, acidity regulator - citric acid) | Preservative - sodium benzoate | Mixture of Sweeteners complex food additive (sweeteners, acesulfame potassium, sucralose).
Contains sweeteners.
Nutrition information: carbohydrate - 4.8 g / 100 ml.
Energy - 80 kJ (20 kcal) / 100 ml.


1 L


Explosive tonic flavours from YOUR WATER

Bar in your home

Combine YOUR WATER tonics with your favourite cocktail ingredients and party up without leaving home

Artesian water-based

Made on the basis of natural water from an artesian well 266 m deep.

Drink chilled

Feel the full power of bubbles when chilled. And add ice for a gourmet serving

Modern interpretation of classic flavours

The YOUR TONIC drinks have the classic flavours of the new YOUR WATER tonics that everyone loves

Stylish design

The original modern bottle shape and the explosive taste of YOUR TONIC are a stylish accessory for every day. So rich and bright - love at first sip!

Reduced sugar content

Reduced sugar content and more delicious bubbles

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