Non-alcoholic flavoured non-carbonated pasteurized drink

1 L

Aromatic refreshing citrus taste of lemon freshness and bright notes of mint – this is how the VITAMIX Lemon-Mint juicy non-carbonated drink is revealed. Made on the artesian water basis with the addition of natural fruit juice, the drink has antioxidant properties, gives an energy boost and pleases with a rich taste and aroma. ⠀

Drink chilled! Shake before use!

Juicy mix of benefits and taste


Contains juice


Artesian water-based


Min calories


Fruit and berry mix


Treated artesian water from a well 266 m deep | Sugar | Apple juice concentrate | Lemon juice base (lemon juice concentrate, acidity regulator - citric acid, natural flavouring, antioxidant - ascorbic acid, stabilizers: gum arabic, pectin, E445, carboxymethylcellulose) | Orange juice concentrate | Mint flavouring agent | Acidity regulator - citric acid | Antioxidant - ascorbic acid | Preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate | Mixture of Sweeteners complex food additive (sweeteners: acesulfame potassium, sucralose).

Contains sweeteners.

Nutrition information: carbohydrate – 4.9 g / 100 ml.
Energy: 85 kJ (20 kcal) / 100 ml.

With reduced energy value according to TR CU 022/2011


0,5 L

1 L


Mix life with VITAMIX!

Contains juice

It has a mild flavour, contains natural fruit juice, perfectly quenches thirst and is an excellent alternative to sweeter drinks.

Artesian water-based

Made on the basis of natural water from an artesian well 266 m deep.

Drink chilled

Feel all the energy of aromatic artesian water cold-served. And add ice and a citrus slice for a gourmet serving.

Diversity of flavours

A wide range of juice drinks with a variety of fruit and berry flavours from original exotic ones to well-loved classic flavours.

Stylish design

An original modern bottle shape, a bright colour and rich flavour make the VITAMIX drink a stylish accessory for every day.

Reduced sugar content

Low-calorie, natural juice drink with reduced sugar content.

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