YOUR WATER with apple

Natural spring carbonated water

1 L

The new YOUR WATER sparkling flavored water is a bright, rich, fruity aroma of real drinking natural water.

Drink chilled!


Drinking natural water from a well 266 m deep | Flavoring.

Nutrition information: carbohydrate – 0 g / 100 ml.

Energy: 0 kJ (0 kcal) / 100 ml.


1 L


Natural water for everyone and for all occasions

Environmentally friendly sources

Water in wells is reliably protected from biological and chemical pollution

Awarded with the Natural Product mark

Water passes only through a coarse filter, is then carefully bottled in the form as it was created by nature

Well 266 m deep

It is located in the territory of the Darida enterprise in an ecologically clean area in Zhdanovichi

Unique natural ingredients

Meets the criterion of full value condition in terms of the content of the main biologically necessary macro- micronutrients.

100% natural ingredients

YOUR WATER water comes to you in its pristine state. We do not interfere with the nature of water and do not expose it to UV radiation, ozonation, conditioning, deionization, reverse osmosis.

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