A sip of health every day

Darida Private Enterprise is the largest producer of mineral and spring water from natural artesian springs, carbonated soft drinks, iced teas and juice drinks in the Republic of Belarus.

DARIDA was founded in 1992.
The enterprise has 4 deep-water wells: 266 m, 270 m, 387 m and 410 m. The water therein is reliably protected from biological and chemical pollution and meets the criterion of full value condition in terms of the content of the main biologically necessary macro- and micronutrients.

The high quality of Belarusian artesian waters has become the main factor for organizing the production. All processes in the company are scientifically-based (driven by chemistry, geography, geology, economics). The production cycle at the enterprise is closed: all production stages (preforming for PET bottles and polymer caps, bottling, sealing, labelling) are carried out in compliance with the most stringent hygienic standards.

Everything that DARIDA produces is made by people and for people.
Starting from the first day of the company’s existence, the company’s employees – hardworking and enterprising people –
have sought to achieve not only financial success,
but also make their mark in history,
be remembered for good job,
make themselves respected, and do thoroughly.
To date, the DARIDA family enumerates more than half a thousand responsible
employees who are fond of their work.
The contribution of each of them is valuable for the company, and the traditions of quality are passed down through generations.

Every year, DARIDA Private Enterprise makes a significant contribution to the country’s economy, the company is growing, which results in the increase in sustainable jobs.
The history of the Darida company dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, when in 1906, in the territory of the current Zhdanovichi resort of republican significance, a non-freezing water source with a saline taste was discovered by zemsky doctor Zdanovich. An analysis of this spring water was carried out in 1912 in St. Petersburg, its physical and chemical composition was determined, which confirmed its healing properties.

The DARIDA company takes care about the health of consumers.
As responsible users of subsurface resources,
we take the best of nature - spring water
and carefully bottle it.

80 years later, in 1992, DARIDA Enterprise was established in this ecologically clean place. In 2006, DARIDA mineral water was accredited in Brussels within the framework of the European Union and was granted with a certificate of quality.
In 2022, the company celebrates its 30th anniversary. The history of the legendary mineral water and drinks, as well as the established traditions of permanent quality, allow us to hold the position of the leader in the Belarusian market. DARIDA natural spring water has been awarded the highest quality rating - Natural Product mark in recognition of its outstanding performance.

DARIDA natural spring water,
rich in all the necessary vitamins and minerals,
is the No. 1 product for proper human nutrition.

The DARIDA company produces environmentally friendly natural water, takes care of the environment and uses modern eco-friendly technologies when doing business.