Created with love

Everything that DARIDA produces is made by people and for people. To date, the DARIDA family enumerates more than half a thousand responsible employees who are fond of their work. The contribution of each of them is valuable for the company, and the traditions of quality are passed down through generations.


Creating a "Sip of Health Every Day"

Dmitry Neverovich

Director General

Keeping balance!

Lyudmila Abramovich

Chief Accountant

You can’t buy health, but you can buy Darida

Mikhail Shpyrkov

First Deputy Director General for Economics and Finance

You have the right to drink DARIDA!

Natalya Lobach

Head of the Legal and Personnel Policy Department

DARIDA - created by people and for people

Vladimir Bakhta

Operational Director

Always one step ahead

Bardiyan Vasily

Chief Technology Officer

I sell what I drink myself!

Andrey Yatsyno

Deputy Director General for Sales

Drink more - live longer!

Vladimir Panarad

Head of the Marketing Policy Department

DARIDA - the place where water lives

Igor Zhlobich

Deputy Director General for Construction

Delivering a sip of health every day

Olga Artyukhevich

Head of the Logistics Department

Health is the highest value

Dmitry Aksyonov

Laboratory Head

DARIDA 100% natural ingredients

Ilona Vashkevich

Chief Technologist

Water is the basis of life

Pavel Dyakov

Head of the Department of Electronics and Service Information Support


Yury Karkanitsa

Head of the POS equipment sector

Expanding the boundaries

Natalya Krasnitskaya

Deputy General Director for Foreign Trade Development

DARIDA - the best of nature

Evgeny Kislyak

Operations Manager

DARIDA - 100% quality

Olga Kudelko

Advisor to the Director General for Product Safety and Quality Control

Keeping the most valuable carefully

Lyudmila Kurko

Finished Goods Warehouse Manager

Welcome to Darida!

Marina Yaskevich

Deputy Head of the Legal and Personnel Policy Department

Living in harmony with nature

Olga Triznyuk

Head of the Commercial Department

DARIDA is your water

Olga Valevko

Head of the Delivery Department


Ekaterina Kazaruchik

Assistant Director General

Our advantages

Well-established and reliable company with 30 years in the market

Official employment from the first working day

Opportunities of promotion

Working with the well-recognized No.1 product from the leading brand in the market

Training and personal development

Job vacancies

We appreciate every team member. DARIDA is the place where you can realize your potential and enjoy your work, communicate with colleagues of interest and just make the world healthier and better. We invite you to our team!
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