Clinical studies of the effect of DARIDA mineral and spring water.

For 30 years, Darida Private Enterprise has been known to the residents of our country for DARIDA healthy mineral water and spring non-carbonated artesian water.

How does it affect health, what positive, and maybe negative, processes take place in the human body with the systematic use of certain mineral or spring water?

In April 2018, the results of a study by Professor L.A. Pirogova appeared.
Research methodology:
On the basis of Grodno Regional Clinical Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation, a group of patients of 25 people with cardiometabolic syndrome (Group 1) was selected, who were offered the Darida mineral water-intake regime program on a voluntary basis.
Group 2 - 22 apparently healthy volunteers (4 men, 18 women) aged 42 +/- 3 years were included to assess the normal values of the studied parameters.
Water-intake regime - intake of mineral water in the amount of 3-4 ml per 1 kg of body weight 3-4 times a day 10-20 minutes before meals. The rehabilitation course is 18-21 days. The following indicators were determined in blood in fasting state in all patients BEFORE and AFTER the course of rehabilitation:
- complete blood count
- biochemical blood assay: including glucose and total cholesterol tests.

Women – 13 (52%), men – 12 (48%). Age from 41 to 60 years (72.4%). The duration of the abdominal obesity from 5 to 10 years was recorded in 44.1%, more than 10 years in 50.2% of patients studied.

The following criteria were used:
- “Significant improvement” - was characterized by a significant improvement in the general condition, full and rapid disappearance of clinical symptoms, good body weight dynamics (weight loss by more than 3 kg), normalization of insulin levels, and a decrease in the manifestations of concomitant diseases.
- “Improvement” - a criterion with a noticeable improvement in the health condition, weight loss and positive dynamics of anthropometric indicators.
- “Insignificant improvement” - when there is a fairly clear clinical effect, but the main laboratory parameters, manifestations of concomitant diseases do not show favourable changes.
- “No improvement” - the absence of any dynamics.

Most often, patients were not satisfied with their appearance, especially women (80.6%).
Common symptoms - fatigue, tiredness, irritability, anxiety, low mood (36-78.1%).
29.5% of patients complained of hyperhydrosis.
Sleep disturbance in the form of drowsiness was found in 61.8% of patients.
Dry skin, dry mouth - 26.9%, signs of hyperandrogenism in women - 11.3%. Painful joints in 34% of patients, menstrual irregularities, decreased potency - 26.3%.
All patients had abdominal obesity.
Results of clinical studies (stage 1):
Favourable dynamics of clinical symptoms of the disease was noted.
94.8% of patients reported of the disappearance of such symptoms as fatigue, tiredness, irritability, anxiety, and dry skin!
The disappearance of pain in the joints (40.9%) and a decrease in exertional dyspnea (57.9%) were noted somewhat less frequently.

There was a tendency towards weight loss, decrease in waist circumference, reduction in cholesterol levels and normalized blood pressure.
Patients with a body mass index (BMI) of 25.0-29.9 lost up to 2.7+/1.3 kg in body weight, the average body weight at the end of treatment was 74.8+/2.2 kg.
Patients with a BMI of 30.0-34.9 had a MORE significant weight loss of 3.2+/-2.1 kg, and an average body weight at the end of treatment was 89.1+/-2.1 kg.
And patients with a BMI of 35.4-39.9 lost weight even more significantly, the average body weight decreased to 98.2+/-2.1 kg.

How many people today, especially those living in big cities, can complain of fatigue, tiredness, irritability, anxiety, and low mood? But with all the abundance and variety of existing treatment methods, the vast majority of patients do not need expensive pharmacological therapy or surgery.
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