Our history

Traditions since 1992

The history of the Darida company dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, when in 1906, in the territory of the current Zhdanovichi resort of republican significance, a non-freezing water source with a saline taste was discovered by zemsky doctor Zdanovich. An analysis of this spring water was carried out in 1912 in St. Petersburg, its physical and chemical composition was determined, which confirmed its healing properties.
80 years later, in 1992, DARIDA Enterprise was established in this ecologically clean place.


Launch of a new 5.55 l bottling line

2019 - the launch of a new 5.55 l bottling line with the capacity of 2,500 bottles per hour. The launch of a workshop fitted with modern lithium equipment produced by the HUSKY leading manufacturer. A new logistics centre was put into operation on the territory of the enterprise.


Alimentaria International Exhibition 2018, Barcelona

Darida took part in the Alimentaria International Exhibition-2018, Barcelona, Spain. During the tastings, visitors from all over the world highly appreciated the company’s products.
The Company received a kosher certificate issued by the Kashrut Department of the Chief Rabbinate of Russia


New bottle neck format

The transition to a new format of the bottle neck with a threaded part RSO 1881 and a cap was implemented, which made it possible to reduce material costs for the production of caps and PET preforms.


Launch of a new bottling line with a capacity of 12,000 bottles per hour.

Increased demand for Darida products motivates us to expand and increase the production.


Sports Cap

Modernization of the spring water bottling line for the production of products with a sports cap.


Warehouse expansion

Another expansion of warehouse territories. Now the area of warehouses exceeds 5,000 sq.m.


DARIDA products are awarded the highest Natural Product quality mark

The Darida company is the first in Belarus to receive the right to label products with the “Natural Product” mark, which once again confirms the highest quality of our products, and also counts in favour of the naturalness and safety of raw materials.


Entering the European market

Darida was the first Belarusian producer to get the right to export products to the European Union and is recognized as the first natural mineral water meeting the requirements of the EU countries and European standards.


A mineral water well 387 m deep was drilled.

Each of the wells is under constant surveillance and protection. There is a thirty-meter water protection zone around the springs. Well water is controlled by all major indicators of water quality.


An artesian spring water well 266 m deep was drilled.

The spring water is reliably protected from biological and chemical pollution and meets the criterion of full value condition in terms of the content of the main biologically necessary macro- and micronutrients.


The first well for the extraction of Darida mineral water.

The first well was drilled for the extraction of mineral water in the agro-town of Zhdanovichi in the ecologically clean Minsk city’s close vicinity. Its depth is 410 m. DARIDA mineral water contains vital elements in optimal concentration: fluorine, calcium, magnesium, potassium.


Darida enterprise was founded.

Darida Private Enterprise is the largest producer of mineral and spring water from natural artesian springs, carbonated soft drinks, iced teas and juice drinks in the Republic of Belarus. Founded in 1992.